DJ Fresh is not only one of the most entertaining radio personalities around, he’s also one of the most authentic and candid individuals you will ever meet

He proved this again this week when he opened up about his marriage.

The DJ is currently celebrating his 16th wedding anniversary with his wife, Thabiso Sikwane and amid the praise from his peers and friends, many wanted to know what the secret of a long-lasting relationship is. The DJ’s response was short and sweet:

“A lot of sex… preferably with your partner.”

This isn’t the first time that DJ Fresh has admitted that intimacy is the key to a successful marriage

Speaking on his union with Thabiso, DJ Fresh once explained to Drum magazine that their sex life was the key to a happy marriage:

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“It’s all about great communication. Being open with each other even if it’s with stuff that the other partner may find uncomfortable to hear. It’s also about great sex. People who say sex is overrated are not doing it properly…Thabiso and I have a great sex life!”

Outside of his marriage, DJ Fresh also took a moment to praise his Breakfast team on Metro. The DJ commended each of his team members before explaining that their chemistry was established long before they started working together as a team.

Fresh said: “You’re working with people for whom you have a lot of respect; I have respect for Somizi… funny I bumped into Somizi when we were both 15, when they were doing Sarafina, and they were performing in Botswana. We literally bumped into each other, I never forgot that day… and I’ve worked with Angi at 5FM, I’ve worked with Mpho, so it’s like a massive reunion,”

It seems chemistry, whether in marriage or business, is a critical element for success!