Actress, singer and super mommy, Letoya Makhene has the whole country talking about her post-preggers body. Simply put, she looks incredible right now!

Losing weight after having a baby is never easy. From what modern maternity literature suggests, it gets more difficult with each child (if you have more than one) and other sources of information claim that once you’re above the age of 30, pregnancy weight is even more stubborn.

In an emotional Instagram post, Letoya attested to both of the points above, admitting that she had a much harder time of it this time around. Losing the baby weight from her fourth pregnancy (at age 33) was a lot more difficult than doing it six years ago when she gave birth to her third child, at age 27.

Letoya took to Instagram to share a picture of her (very healthy!) meal and wrote: “I battled to get into shape after baby no 4, I made it my mission to find out what I’m doing wrong this time-since doing what I did after 3 babies was failing me!  Well… I found out that it gets harder to get into shape the more babies you have PLUS the older you get the more your matabolism slows down… Yes yes… I know that I’m only turning 34 tomorrow  But apparently having a baby at 27 and having one at 33 really does make a huge difference!!! (sic)”

However, after making a few changes to her diet, and exercising at a gym, the actress and singer has been able to get back into shape.

Now, Letoya appears to have returned to her pre-baby size.

The Generations: The Legacy villain took to Instagram to share her dramatic weight loss, from the moment she gave birth to her child

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The encouragement she received on Instagram was profound, with many fans praising her efforts by saying:

“Wow! This is powerful…It’s inspiring and re-affirms that “it’s never too late”. Thank you and Keep fighting the good fight (sic)”

“My tummy is just like yours before weight loss. Thanks for motivation. I now know it’s doable”

“I like the fact tht u mention its not a diet its a lifestyle, some people jst dmt get it (sic)”

The best part about losing all of the baby weight is that Letoya can return to wearing all of the clothes in her wardrobe once again!