By doing a little extra the night before, you can cut down on the chaos in the morning

Even the most organised of moms will admit that packing a school lunch box can challenging.

You need to balance the nutritional needs of your child, with packing foods that they will actually eat.

Most moms default to packing a sarmie, a fruit and a treat, which is great! But, the same combination day in and day out can become boring.

And we all know where a boring lunch box lands up… in the dustbin and not in your child’s tummy.

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So, what’s the magic formula when it comes to packing school lunches that are actually eaten?

It comes down to two words: Preparation and involvement.

No mom has extra time to waste, so preparation (and not running around like a headless chicken in the morning before school, tossing whatever you can find into a container) is key to putting together delicious lunches that your child will want to eat.

Also, children are more likely to eat their lunch if they have a say in packing it. So, get your child involved; give him a list of foods that are currently in the fridge and pantry, and allow him to mix and match his own lunch box items!

Here are four lunch box tips for busy moms, courtesy of Blue Ribbon:

1. Wake up a little earlier

No, we’re not encouraging you to get even less sleep…

Most moms operate at full speed from the second they wake up until the second they go to sleep. By waking up just 15 to 20 minutes before the kids, you’ll be assured a little peace and quiet for things like drinking your morning coffee, preparing breakfast and packing school lunch boxes before kicking off another chaotic day.

2. Prepare the night before

By doing a little extra the night before, you can cut down on the chaos in the morning, when the household tends to be a lot more tired and irritable.

3. Pack for the week on a Sunday

Set aside some time on a Sunday to plan and prepare lunches for the week ahead. You can totally do it!

4. Re-purpose leftovers

Dinner leftovers make great lunches! Planning to make more than you know you’ll eat – intentional leftovers – are a great lunch packing strategy. Write it into your plan so you don’t forget!

Blue Ribbon has given moms a whole new world of options to keep taste buds tantalized and tummies satisfied, with their Blue RIbbon Squares. High in fibre and ready sliced, the better-for-you, baked squares make it easier to put together lunchbox favourites.