The world’s first professional model with Down syndrome is heading to London, ready to rock the runways once again! From 14 September, Madeline Stuart will be walking in four shows during London Fashion Week.

The excitement comes just after walking in eight shows during New York Fashion Week

Madeline made her mark three years ago and fashion designers keep asking her to come back. Last year, Forbes Magazine named her number one for Diversity in the Fashion Industry, for “normalizing Down syndrome”.

Her career started more than three years ago and she has returned to the fashion circuit each year stronger than ever. Madeline has opened doors and inspired many models with Down syndrome but she is currently the only model with the connections and reputation to return every season and stay in the spotlight.

She has returned this season to walk for some incredible designers

She just walked an amazing eight shows during New York Fashion Week including releasing the third collection of her fashion label 21 Reasons Why. Later this week she jets off to London Fashion Week where she will walk in four shows.

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Madeline’s journey from teenager to supermodel was made possible by her incredible determination and inner strength. She lost 22 kilograms and made fitness a priority – a challenge for anyone, but especially trying for someone with Down syndrome.

She lost 22 kilograms and made fitness a priority – a challenge for anyone, but especially trying for someone with Down syndrome

Madeline has always believed if you put your mind to something, you can achieve it. She hopes her success gives others reason to dream.

What designers are saying about Madeline

“The House of Byfield is super pumped and excited to have World class star model #Madeline as 1 of our star models sets to appear for the 3rd time as a part of the House of Byfield models line up” – House of ByField

“Having Madeline walk for us in NY is such an honour. She is a shining voice shouting out that beauty is everywhere and in everyone. We are proud to be a part of that message this year.” – Topping Designs

“While I love creating collections and imparting art into the fashion industry, I believe as humans, we have to find a cause larger than ourselves to dedicate ourselves to. I believe in celebrating diversity and embracing ones’ true self and understanding that each of us has been created differently for a greater purpose.” – Designer Rutu Bhonslé

“As a designer I am still humbled the gorgeous supermodel Madeline Stuart has chosen to open for Femata Couture, a brand of high purpose in New York Fashion Week. My purpose in this industry, is that every human being should be given freedom of choice to become a model, and not be limited in their journeys such as the beautiful Madeline Stuart has inspired not just myself and so many others in this world.” – Designer Louise Tauali’i