Zoleka Mandela took to social media this week to reveal that her battle to lose weight has not only suffered a setback, but has been accelerated, following advice from her doctor

A disappointed Zoleka shared the latest developments from her story when she shared a number of posts on Instagram detailing her weight struggles. The renowned author and cancer survivor has been on a mission to lose weight since last year, but after making considerable progress, she now finds herself weighing the “heaviest” that she can recall.

Taking to social media this week, Zoleka revealed that her doctor had recommended a dietitian for her.

In a post that lamented both her current predicament, and the tough diet she would have to enforce, Zoleka wrote: “I have a confession! Sometimes I’ll workout and eat back the calories I burned from exercising, I just can’t help it. Made phutu for myself after a workout, to make it worse – I eat mine with amasi, sugar and full cream! I’m back from my doctor’s appointment and received the saddest news ever – I have to see a dietician now that I weigh 89,2kgs

“I’m overweight and need to lose a few kilos for the benefit of my health. I am by far at my heaviest!

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“On a more lighter note… But guys, seriously – I can’t drink alcohol, I can’t do drugs, I can’t smoke or take diet pills because I’m an ADDICT and now I can’t even eat what I want? How can FOOD hate me so much? I’m going to be real, I’ll only start my diet on Monday, hey… I could always post all my healthy meals on social media for accountability but I don’t feel like it!”

Zoleka appeared to be making great progress towards reaching her weight goal in 2017

Following months of hard work, she took to social media to reveal that she had managed to lose 19 kg by June of that year.

Although she recently admitted that she has unfortunately gained all that weight back in the last five months, she still praises the incredible effort it took to lose that weight:

“Guys, Mrs. Bashala is straight up serving major flames even if this picture has been edited a million times and even if SHE HAS GAINED ALL THE WEIGHT BACK IN LESS THAN 5 MONTHS!!! Put some RESPEK on the [fire emoji]”


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June 2017 … I had lost 19kgs (just over 5 months) and reached my goal weight of 70kgs by my 37th birthday!!! 🤗 I waited until everyone left the house for school and work, put on a wig, pulled out my selfie stick and positioned it on a pile of laundry and my pot plant – to take these pictures just for social media!!! 😂 I even took of my pajamas and changed into this tight a** dress and spanks that no longer fit just so I could show case the absolute art of flaming (aka Mr. Bashala’s THANGZ) in between washing laundry and dishes, cooking dinner and cleaning the house!!! 😄 Guys, Mrs. Bashala is straight up serving major flames even if this picture has been edited a million times and even if SHE HAS GAINED ALL THE WEIGHT BACK IN LESS THAN 5 MONTHS!!! 😝😉🙈 Put some RESPEK on the 🔥 … #MrsBashala #MwasiYaThierry #ProudCongoleseWife #WifeOfAnAfricanMan #MakotiKaThierry #HouseWifeOfNorthriding

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The “Housewife of Northriding” has been guiding us through her fitness journey on a daily basis with the latest update coming as recently as Tuesday morning:


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Woke up in Soweto and way before my alarm went off because of My Day One’s (grandmother’s) chickens, she insisted on keeping as pets! 😂 She would even feed pigeons outside her bedroom window every morning when she woke up … I ain’t doing that though because I’m scared of them and basically anything that crawls and flies!!! 🙈 The chickens are still in the yard and cause traffic, you have to get out of the car to ask them to please move just so you can leave! 😆 Anyway … Day 17, completed Hip Hop Abs. Check out the dark circles under my eyes, I haven’t been able to sleep properly for almost a month now but slept like a baby on My Day One’s side of her bed!!! 🤗 #HouseWifeOfNorthriding #HomeWorkOut #HipHopAbs #HipsBunsAndThighs

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If she did it once, we’re confident that she can do it again. Zoleka Mandela is a reminder that our setbacks do not define our characters. We can’t wait to see her reach her weight goals in the next few months!