We couldn’t be more excited about this spring’s effortlessly gorgeous hairstyles, accessories and colours…

There’s no better time than spring for a fresh new hairstyle. Fortunately for us there are loads of creative people in the world who come up with revamped versions of hairstyles to keep us fashionable and fresh.

Here’s a look at spring 2018’s top styles, colours and hair accessories:

Our favourite spring hairstyles

The grown out pixie

Instead of a short, feathery pixie, this year’s cut looks grown out and styled in an almost grungy way. It has loads of texture and movement, and pretty much guarantees you’ll look like the coolest girl in the neighbourhood.

Baby bangs

Hold onto your craft scissors – baby bangs are back. From an incident around 2005 I now know for a fact that a super short fringe doesn’t suit me, but it doesn’t stop me from openly admiring anyone that can pull it off. This season’s baby bangs are shaggy and worn messy.

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Shaved styles

Undercuts and buzz cuts have made a comeback in a big way. If you want an undercut to look more feminine, only have one side shaved, sweep your hair to the other side and style it in soft waves.

Buzz cuts are not for everyone, but if you have interesting features and good bone structure they can look amazing.

thevisualsyouneed © 123RF.com

Spring hair colours

Hand painted colour

This season’s hair colour trends are more about technique than the actual colours. The lines between ombre, balayage and babylights are blurring more and more, and the end result is a perfectly customised colour solution. Hair looks vibrant but lived-in, and requires minimal maintenance.


Yes, we’re still doing that. Colour techniques have been refined to make pastel shades blend into your own for hints of cotton candy rather than solid painted colour. The colours are also adapting – peachy rose gold is the hottest shade right now.

Alena Ozerova © 123RF.com

Gorgeous accessories

Silk wraps

Whether you’re knotting it around a bun, using it as a headband or tying a proper turban, a silk wrap looks super chic. Use a coloured wrap to tie an outfit together or compliment your complexion.

Metallic everything

Good news, girls! We’re no longer trying to find the bobby pin that best matches our hair colour – even they’ve become trendy. Choose beautiful, functional bejewelled clips that will catch the light, and match the metal in your hair to your jewellery for a finishing touch.


I never thought this day would come, but you’ve probably seen the rumours – scrunchies are back. Honestly, I thought my mom was the only person still buying scrunchies because we had to look very far and wide to find them.

So far I’m refusing to wear them on principle, but the gorgeous designs are becoming more and more tempting. Unlike the scrunchies that were made from the excess fabric when my new school dresses were hemmed at the beginning of each new year… *shudders*

langstrup © 123RF.com