Culottes are traditionally knee-length, wide-legged pants that resemble a skirt, but they can also be shorter or longer.

We love them because they suit most body types and can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for spring and summer and they look great with heels or flats. If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, here are three ways to wear one of this season’s hottest trends – culottes.

1. Casual culottes

Pair with your favourite tee and trainers for a casual look that is perfect for the weekend.Tuck in your t-shirt for a more defined waist.

Get the look:


  1. Fancy T-shirt, R390, Mevrou & Co
  2. Lumen style culotte pants, R699, Zando
  3. VANS white sneakers, R649, Spree

2. Striped or patterned culottes

The key to this look is pairing your culottes with a neutral toned top or blouse. Opt for colours that complement the colours of the stripes or patterns.

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