So spring is here, the sun is shining (mostly), and winter’s comfort meals are showing on the scale… How do you get in shape for summer in the fastest way possible?!

And how do you do this while still being happy, cheerful and full of life?

Yes, you might be on a time crunch. But that doesn’t mean that you need to embark on a soup ‘n’ water detox for the next two weeks. Or guzzle a whole bunch of pills which promise ‘instant weight loss’.

What you need is a HEALTHY, relatively simple plan to flatten out the tummy rolls, and get your body tight and toned.

We’re all looking forward to wearing short sleeves, skirts, and sandals – and perhaps a visit to the beach or two (for those lucky enough to live near the ocean). Don’t let winter’s weight gain prevent you from enjoying everything that spring has to offer!

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I have a four-part plan you’ll be able to start right away:

1.     Start the day off right

If you want to get in shape the fastest way possible, then the way you spend the first ninety minutes of your day are critical.

What you need to be doing first thing in the morning is jumping out of bed, drinking two cups of black, sugar-free coffee, and getting an exercise session in.

Thereafter, you’ll eat a healthy, protein-rich breakfast (my recommendation is two scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast, or a protein shake).

This routine burns fat well, and then gets your energy levels up for the day ahead. The protein will keep you full for a long time too, so that you don’t feel like snacking before lunch time.



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