Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 08:41 pm

Lady Zamar would do well to avoid Twitter right now because everybody is talking about her outfit choice again – and they’re not being flattering!

The Collide singer was a guest performer on the most recent episode of Idols SA. This weekend, South Africa said hello to the 2018 top 10 contestants for the first time. To mark the big occasion, Lady Zamar was invited to perform for the audiences both in Pretoria and the millions tuning in from home.

Lady Zamar has been criticised for her “laid back” and often colour-clashing dress sense in recent months whether she’s dressed in casual clothing (remember that sporty outfit from August?) or she’s dressed for big events (*cough* Miss SA…).

To her credit, Zamar responded to her haters by claiming that, unless she’s being paid for a gig or an appearance, she will dress as she pleases.

However, it seems as if this explanation wasn’t enough for online detractors because after watching her perform on Sunday, all the focus was on the vocalist’s wardrobe

She showed up to perform in a blue, lace jumpsuit and we’ve tried our best, but it’s been difficult to find more than five people who had anything positive to say about this outfit.

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In fact, many called on the singer to either ditch her stylist or to avoid trying to be fashionable altogether

And those tweeps were being polite! The rest of Black Twitter took

Be honest with us, was Lady Zamar’s outfit that bad?!