Worried about your weight when visiting others?

Many people (especially those who are following a specific eating plan that supports weight loss) tend to worry when they are visiting others. What are they to do when offered snacks and/ or meals that do not support their weight-loss efforts? Do they simply refuse and resist the temptation and treats without having the intention of hurting their loved ones’ feelings or do they cave in and fully indulge on whatever foods are presented to them?

Offer to take some food along

If visiting friends or family over a mealtime, consider offering to bring a few dishes along. For example, you could take a salad or a healthy side dish such as grilled vegetables along to share during mealtime. Alternatively, you could offer to bring a dessert or two, thus providing you with the opportunity to create a healthy dessert option.

Your loved ones may welcome the help that you are offering. You can also share your weight concerns with them. They may more than likely support you with your endeavours and efforts. Your healthy eating habits may even pass onto them and this may make it easier when planning future visits or get-togethers.

Browse through magazines and food websites if you need help in coming up with creative ideas on preparing healthy and delicious meals. A dietician will also be able to provide you with some useful advice so never hesitate to consult with one.

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