As women, we know what it’s like to be on our feet all day – sorting the kids out for school, prepping for that next business meeting, those monthly grocery shops… the list goes on. That’s why, the more comfortable we can be (and still look good, of course), the better. So we’re welcoming summer in our updated summer sandals, designed with all of the comfort technology you could ever wish for.

Comfort from the ground up

When designing our summer sandals, we took the time to really understand where your feet take the most strain, and then made sure we placed the comfort technology where you need it most. The result? Summer sandals that you’ll never want to take off. Here’s everything you need to know about them:

Wider Straps

Our summer sandals are designed with wider straps. This helps to alleviate the pressure on your foot by distributing it evenly. Say hello to all-day comfort and extra support while you walk.

Additional Padding

When we take a step, it is important that the arch of our foot has the support it needs. That’s why we fitted our summer sandals with additional padding around this area for an ultra light step. And like the arch, the ball of your foot needs support too. For that reason, we added soft padding to the front of the sandal so you can walk comfortably for longer.

Heel Cushioning

Even the clouds will be jealous of our summer sandals’ heel cushioning. The soft padding along the heel absorbs the shock in every step and significantly reduces any discomfort.

Elasticated Back

Selected summer sandals have an elasticated back which adjusts to the size of your foot for personalised comfort.

Better Grip

To make sure you feel comfortable on every surface, we’ve included a non- slip sole. Now you can walk everywhere and not worry about any trips or falls.

What else is new?

Along with the updated technology, we thought we’d update the details too. So for this season you can look forward to lots of new prints, colours, embellishments and fabrics, in all the styles you love to wear – t-bar designs, thong styles, mini heels and wedges, mules and slip-ons.

Get R50 off your summer solemate

We love our summer sandals so much that we want you to have a new pair. That’s why, when you donate a pair of your gently worn shoes at any Miladys store, we’ll give you R50 off some new summer sandals (comfort technology included). But that’s not all. We’ll then go on to donate your pre-loved shoes to women in need, empowering them to start their own businesses by selling the shoes at a profit. This offer runs until the end of September, so best you get donating. We can’t think of a better excuse to clean out our shoe cupboards this Spring. See you in store.


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