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What to do if you have a LOT of weight to lose’ is a series of articles dedicated to the seemingly daunting task of losing lots of weight – think 30kg or more. If you are in this boat then this is the strategy for you. Follow the steps week by week and you’ll soon be on the path to a THINNER and (more importantly) HEALTHIER you.


If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, then your weight might actually be the thing that helps you drop the kilos! How?

You see, extra weight means that doing bodyweight exercise will build bigger muscles, and bigger muscles burn more calories. Bigger muscles also look great, and help you in your journey towards and overall healthy lifestyle.

Why strength is important

Getting stronger is a top priority for most, but when you are very overweight then you are in a danger-zone when it comes to helping yourself stay mobile.

Think about it – a very overweight person will struggle to help themselves off the floor if they slip and fall. They will also potentially hurt themselves more when they fall as there is far more weight on their bones and joints.

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Age is also a factor. As you age your bones and joints become weaker. You should be building muscle to help stay fit and strong.



Getting stronger is good for life!

Getting stronger is good for life in general, but it’s also great for the weight loss part of this journey.

Building bigger muscles will burn fat while you’re in the gym, but also while you’re recovering from your gym session. Plus, the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll be burning at rest.

This means that getting stronger turns you into a fat-burning machine. It also protects you from losing too much muscle as you diet – you didn’t think you were ONLY losing fat cells did you?

So get strong. You need to for your overall health, but if you’re trying to lose weight then you REALLY should.


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