How to balance your diet’ is an article series all about achieving balance in your diet, and what that looks (and tastes) like. It’s a common phrase, but what does it mean, and how do you do it? Find out here.

It’s like an elephant on a tightrope

I’m not going to lie, balancing your diet is a really, really tough thing to do.

The weird thing is, a balanced diet is a natural diet – so it should come naturally to us! So why is it so tough?

Well, because when you’ve done something one way for years and years, then doing it another way seems hard, and weird.

Most of us grow up eating the way our parents teach us to eat. And they grew up learning to cook from their own parents… a generation that thrived on convenience foods after the invention of the microwave. This is also the same generation that thought smoking was good for you, and that DDT wasn’t harmful to the environment!

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So if convenience food is your ‘normal’, then small wonder if you’re packing on the pounds.

The beginning of the road to balance is like putting an elephant on a tightrope. It’s not pretty, and it’s precarious. But it comes right quite quickly, once the ‘elephant’ gets into the groove.

What you really need is to ensure the ‘elephant’ doesn’t fall too far if it slips up.  This gives a sense of safety where there may otherwise have been a major fear of the unknown.

If you want to eat a balanced diet then there’s really no danger in failing

We all do from time-to-time. The issue is that the failure should be brushed off as ‘nothing serious’ (because that’s the truth), and then you need to get back on the rope and start again.

It gets easier and easier as your walk gets longer and longer.  I promise… I’ve been there, done that. Keep walking! I know you can do it!

This is how balance can be achieved while living a predominantly healthy and active lifestyle. You don’t have to be BORING to be on diet!

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