So you’re on a weight-loss journey… You may have started last season, packed on a few kilos over winter, and now you’re trying to get back in shape for spring. But what shape exactly?

Over the course of a weight-loss journey, our bodies change shape. As we lose excess fat, we should be building added muscle mass through exercise – isn’t it really exciting when we can finally fit into our skinny jeans again?!

And what about your summer body?

We often talk about “being in shape” or getting into shape. But what exactly does your body shape tell you about your health, and what shape should you be aiming for?

Here are five things to think about:

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1.     If you’re already ‘skinny’…

If you have the typical build of a marathon runner, runway model or ballerina then you probably think you’re in great shape, and therefore in great health. (And the rest of us are really jealous!)

This MAY be true, but you may also have a few not-so-obvious problems.

Many people with this body shape actually have more body fat than they imagine, and also far less muscle-mass. A good test of this is to figure out how strong you are in relation to your bodyweight.

Can you do push-ups, pullups, squats and sit-ups with ease? If not, then you’re probably going to struggle as you age. You NEED to start building muscle mass and strength so that you don’t end up with brittle bones and muscle weakness in your later years.

If you are really skinny and you eat a LOT but are always hungry and tired, you might also need to get your thyroid checked for hyperthyroidism.

Study: Regular exercise slows down ageing

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