Short-lived celebrity marriages

Having a wedding and getting married is easy and fun. Staying married and being in it for the long haul is the hard part – for any couple, not just celebrities. These days it seems as though many couples put great effort into making a huge production of their wedding day, but once married, they don’t put much effort into their marriage. Still, I don’t know any couple in ‘real life’ whose marriage has been as short-lived as some of the celebrities we are featuring today!

Jennifer Lopez

Will Jennifer Lopez end up beating Elizabeth Taylor when it comes to number of marriages? One has to wonder. Besides a string of high-profile relationships, the gorgeous star has already been married three times – almost four if you count her engagement to Ben Affleck. Her first marriage to Ojani Noa lasted 11 months and her second, to Cris Judd, was over in 218 days.

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd at Ramstein Air Base in Germany Saturday Dec. 8, 2001. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)



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