What better way to welcome spring than by doing a little spring clean in the garden?…

Here are a few ways to tidy up and improve your outdoor spaces ahead of summer outdoor entertaining…

  • Clean out garden beds – Pull out dead plants and weeds. Take a moment to consider the plants you have, what could or should be moved, and what you could add to help create interest.
  • Define garden bed borders – Whether you use a spade to create a neat definition between the lawn and garden beds or create an interesting border with pebbles, defining garden beds is one way to make your garden look neater before you even spend a cent on new plants.
  • Paint or vanish garden furniture and fences – Garden furniture takes a beating from the elements, so treat wooden furniture and varnish it to help protect it from the hot summer sun. If you want to add some colour to your garden and feel adventurous, you could try painting garden furniture in bold colours. Imagine that old garden bench painted in a hot pink or a cool blue.
  • Check, clean and paint pots – Check your potted plants and containers. Some plants may need to be planted in bigger pots or in garden beds, while some plastic pots may have broken and terracotta and stone pots may be begging for a coat of paint.
  • Plant some flowers and fertilise – It goes without saying that most of us want to look out over our gardens and see something pretty, especially in spring. Treat yourself to some new flowering beauties, then check the weather and give your garden a feed with a good fertiliser just before a day of spring rain.

Happy gardening!

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