Braaing seems to have been reserved for meat and fish. But it can be used for much, much more…

Cooking food over a flame really does something great for the flavour and texture of the food, plus it’s a fairly healthy method of cooking. It also means that you can participate in one of SA’s favourite pass-times with friends – even if you’re on a diet!

I’ve chosen non-meat foods for budget and health reasons. We all know that a healthy diet should be mostly fresh fruit and veg and a very small portion of meat and carbs. However, many people get ‘stuck’ trying to figure out what to cook if they don’t do meat and potatoes…

Here are four fab foods you can braai that you may not be aware of yet. Try them ASAP!

1.     Pizza

Pizza… in a DIET article? Well, yes. If you do it right. If you make your pizza with a thin base and stick to veggies for your topping, and go sparingly on the cheese then you can definitely use pizza as a diet-friendly meal. Obviously, you just have to stick to healthy portion sizes too!

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Cooking pizza on a braai is simple. You can get pizza stones, and pizza plates as well as pizza ‘spatulas’ that can all help cooking the pizza on the braai. However, you can also use a lightly greased metal baking tray which will do the trick just as well.

Make sure the fire is not too hot and pop your pizza on the grill. If you have a Weber style braai, close the lid to cook more evenly. Cook for around five to seven minutes.

Super Greens Pizza recipe




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