Make-up mistakes that make you look older start right at the foundation

I once read that ‘no foundation is better than bad foundation’ and I have to agree. When it comes to make-up, no matter how good everything else may look, it means nothing if your face is caked with foundation that is not blended correctly or one that is the wrong shade for your skin tone.

Your make-up technique and the products you use need to adapt to your changing skin as you age and this definitely rings true for the foundation you choose. Our skin gets drier as we get older so using a powder foundation can make your skin look terribly flaky. Next time you need to buy make-up, go to the store with a clean face and ask the consultants to show you the magic of a good primer and either a liquid or cream foundation.

Find out if you’re making any of these make-up mistakes and what you can do to correct them…