Not all hues look good on everyone. But you can choose colours that suit your skin tone with these quick tricks…

We come in an array of shapes and sizes. Therefore, what looks good on some people won’t suit others. You can make things easy with these tips to choose colours that suit your skin tone.

Work with what you have naturally

As a starting point look at the colour of your hair, lips and eyes. These are all colours that will complement your complexion. In addition, you can look at your nail beds, nipples and veins for other cues.

Determine your undertone

All skin tones have a specific undertone – either cool, warm or neutral. You can determine this by looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear blue, you have a cool undertone. But if your veins appear greenish, then your skin has a warm undertone. If your veins appear blue-green, lucky you – you have a neutral undertone so all colours suit you.

Another way to determine your skin tone is to wear a gold-coloured bangle and a silver-coloured bangle and see which one makes your skin pop. If its the gold, you have a warm undertone, while silver indicates a cool undertone.

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Colours for cool undertones

Cool colours such as blue and purple as well as earthy tones like brown are a great choice for you. This extends across various shades including cobalt, lilac, amethyst and tan. Deeper colours such as maroon and emerald green look fantastic on you too. You can also pull off cerise, ruby red and rose pink.

Colours for warm undertones

Warm colours such as yellow, orange and brighter greens look good on you. You also pull off brighter blue shades like turquoise and aqua. Since warmer colours tend to have a touch of red in them, pinks are a good choice for you including fuschia and hot pink.