Social media users have slammed a ‘disrespectful’ man who rested on the tombstone of the late Simba Mhere

The picture was taken at Heroes Acre in Westpark Cemetery, Johannesburg, where rapper Linda ‘ProKid’ Mkhizewas was being laid to rest.
The image was shared on social media, with many criticising the man’s actions.

“Hey wena, have respect for the dead and their resting place… this dude all laid out on #SimbaMhere grave while attending #ProKidFuneral,” one Twitter user commented.

Simba and his friend Kady-Shay O’Bryan were killed in a car accident in 2015. ProKid was laid to rest near the former Top Billing presenter’s grave.

Other celebrities including Robbie Malinga, Joe Mafela and Mandoza are also buried at the cemetery

ProKid’s tombstone was unveiled at his grave site on Sunday.

Unlike some of the extravagant celebrity tombstones we have seen in recent times – who can forget Joe Mafela’s living room themed tombstone complete with a TV – ProKid’s family opted for something a bit more simple.

“Those who were responsible for the tombstone really outdid themselves, absolutely stunning!” one Twitter user posted.

Meanwhile, ProKid’s family had denied they did not allow his side-chick, Mandisa Mbanjwa, to attend the funeral proceedings.

The rapper died at her apartment after suffering a severe seizure.

His family had to go to her house to “collect his spirit” as part of Zulu tradition.

Several publications reported that Mandisa was banned from the service. But a family spokesperson denied the claims, telling TshisaLIVE that, according to African culture, nobody could be “invited or uninvited” to a funeral.

Scores of mourners gathered at UJ Soweto Campus to say their final goodbyes to ProKid, including his emotional wife Ayanda.

She wrote a letter for the service, which described her husband as “an incredible gift”.