3. Work with layers

For traditional garden beds, use a tiered approach and layer plants according to their height to create an illusion of depth.

Plant the biggest and tallest plants at the back (or closest to the boundary wall), medium-height plants in front and the smallest plants in the very front.

You can also apply this idea to container gardens, positioning bigger pots and plants towards the back and smaller ones in the front.

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4. Grow up

Another way to add a sense of space to a garden is to work with plants and elements of various heights and make the most of vertical spaces like walls.

Trees, shrubs, pergolas, archways and trellises can all be used to draw the eye upward and make a small garden feel bigger.

Also look into hanging gardens and green walls to add interest and make the most of outdoor wall space. If you have pets or children, starting a hanging garden or green wall is a way to cultivate a garden that dogs and toddlers can’t dig up.

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