Short on outdoor space? Here are five tips to help you supersize a small garden…

What a small garden lacks in size can be made up for with details. And, unlike big gardens, small gardens lend themselves to being budget-friendly and quicker to maintain more readily.

Here are a few tips to help you supersize your small garden:

1. Make boundary walls disappear

To make a small garden look bigger, paint boundary walls in a dark but natural shade – like a dark green, brown or charcoal.

Dark, cool colours recede into the background to help diminish those boundary lines. And along with painted walls, large shrubs and creepers can help erase boundary lines to create a seemingly endless lush garden.

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Another idea is to create a view by painting a landscape mural on a wall in the garden. To avoid it looking kitsch, consider hire a professional landscape mural artist and make sure the scene you choose is one you love – a landscape from a special holiday, honeymoon or a dream location you’d love to visit.

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2. Leading lines

According to Stone etc founder Mimi Rupp, creating long lines in small garden tricks the eye into thinking the yard is bigger. You can also use lines to lead the eye to focal points in the garden.

Rupp also suggests losing the lawn, if you don’t need it, and winding garden paths through garden beds.

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