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Super-quick and stylish, here are three hairstyle tutorials that will make you feel put together in as little as five minutes…

Having kids will wreak havoc on your heart and your sleep schedule. And your morning routine, well, that will never be the same again…

Most days, I leave the house wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, a smidge of mascara and some version of the mom bun.

Basically, my look screams “I’m a mom!”. And, can you blame me?

Whether you’re a working or stay-at-home mom, it’s just go, go, go – survival-mode style

Most busy moms will agree: there’s little-to-no time to spend on getting ourselves ready for the day. Mornings are usually crazy-town; showers are rushed, breakfast is gulped down and hair is thrown into the easiest hairstyle possible. It also often feels pointless to ‘doll’ yourself up when you’re going to change nappies and square off against toddlers all day.

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But, I’m realising more and more, that busy and pressed for time doesn’t have to mean frumpy. Especially when it comes to your hair (which make-up and accessories aside, is an easy-peasy way to spruce up an outfit).

Determined to ditch the mom funk that I’ve slipped into when it comes to my hair, I hit Instagram in search of chic, but practical hairstyle tips for busy moms and stumbled across parenting and lifestyle blog, Girl in the middle.

The account (and blog) is run by stunning South African mom of three, Louise Uys, and documents her family’s adventures through France (where they currently live). Besides travel and parenting tips, Louise shares fabulous beauty finds – and her #ootd (outfit of the day) posts are enough to make you run for the mall!

When she’s not blogging and mommy-ing, Louise is a hairstylist. So naturally, her grid is full of hair inspo; from effortless beach waves, to trendy top knots and cute braids!

Louise loves helping women become the best version of themselves – and she recently started filming easy-to-follow hair tutorials for followers looking to replicate her hairstyles.

Here are three of my favourites. Whether you’re tired of your frumpy mom bun or just looking to jazz up your morning hair routine – these tutorials will make you feel stylish and ‘put together’ in as little as five minutes!

Instagram: @thegirlinthemiddleblog

1. Doll it up with a half top-knot

Top knots are having a moment – on the red carpet, runway and on the feeds of Instagram influencers around the world.

When it comes to this hairstyle, anything goes: rock it with straight or curly hair, all up or half down, messy or neat.

Louise shows you a no-fuss way to achieve the perfect half top-knot in her five-minute tutorial…

Feeling fancy? Click through to the next page to find out how to do a messy dutch braid…