Last updated on Sep 11th, 2018 at 02:22 pm

It’s time to start getting those poor, neglected feet sandal ready, and there’s no better way to do that than with a fabulous DIY pedicure!

Your feet have been hiding in your fabulous boots, booties and trendy sneakers for a few months now thanks to the colder weather, and chances are they’ve been pretty neglected. Right?

Any nail polish that remains was probably painted while you were still wearing sandals, the skin on your feet is probably all kinds of chapped and, in general, you’re probably quite relieved those tootsies are all covered up.

Well, it’s time to start pampering those feet and get them sandal ready with the ultimate DIY pedicure… not only will you save yourself your hard-earned cash, but you’ll also get that much-needed ‘me time’ you so deserve.

Here’s how to give yourself a fabulous DIY pedicure…

1. Prep work

You’re going to want to gather all of your supplies and set them up so that you don’t have to get up and ruin your fab pedicure. Some of the goodies you’ll need include: a bowl of warm water (big enough to fit your feet or one foot), a towel, a foot file, nail polish, nail file and clippers, cotton wool, nail polish remover and a glass of wine… you’ll need a reward for your hard work, after all! You may as well set the scene and put on your favourite show and light a few candles; pamper mode engaged!

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2. Take it off

If you have any nail polish on your toes, now’s the time to take it off. Doing it before you soak allows any residue polish on your toes (or feet!) to come off.

3. Soak it in

Fill your tub or bowl with warm water to soak your feet and get them nice and soft. To make the experience more salon like, add any essential oils you may have to the water, or throw in some bubble bath or soap. You could also add Epsom salts, tea tree oil, lemon juice or slices or white vinegar to the mix; all will help soothe and heal your feet. Soak for a good five to ten minutes. Ah, bliss!

4. Buff or exfoliate

It’s time to give your arms a little workout and put that foot file to good use. Scrub away all that unsightly and unwanted dead skin, focusing especially on your heels and any other rough areas. Follow this with your body scrub, exfoliating your feet and lower legs. If you don’t have a scrub, make your own with coarse salt or sugar and coconut oil (this is a DIY pedicure afterall).

5. Shape up

Now that your feet are silky smooth, it’s time to focus on your nails. Clip and file them to your preference, and be sure to push back those cuticles. If your nails are super rough, buff them down a bit.

6. Pretty paint

Now you can get creative – the bolder, the better when it comes to spring toes. Start with a base coat, followed by your colour and top coat. Remember to allow each coat to dry completely before painting the next one!

7. Marvelous massage

Once your nails are completely dry, give yourself a much-needed foot massage with your favourite body butter to replenish and lock in some moisture. Even better, enlist one of the kids or your partner for this step!