Celebrity maternity style

Being pregnant comes with a whole host of things to worry about, most notably for me (besides that ‘magical 12-week’ mark) is finding suitable clothes to wear during your first trimester. You’re not yet ‘showing’ but you feel  ‘thick and plumpy’ around the tummy and thigh area and none of your jeans button up. And, while many women (not just celebs) are able to flow their pregnancy with absolute style and grace, I am certainly not one of them even though I wish I could be!

Shallow waters aside

As much as I’d love to look groomed and glamorous while being pregnant, the pure and real joy of being able to create and carry a life is not lost on me. I know there are far more important things to think and talk about as a mom. This is why I absolutely LOVE it when celebrities use their fame as a platform to share the not-so-glam side of motherhood and create awareness around issues that many of us have or certainly will face. I also love it when they show just how beautiful (and sexy!) pregnancy is.

Here are a few celebrity ‘mom and maternity style’ moments we loved



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