In the wake of hip-hop artist ProKid’s death on Thursday morning, AKA spoke out about the impact the veteran had on his life and the regrets he’s left with now that he is gone.

News of ProKid’s death left thousands of fans across the country in a state of shock.

The rapper’s family confirmed the news through a press statement, stating that he had suffered a “severe seizure” while visiting friends on Wednesday night. “He suffered a severe seizure attack while visiting friends and paramedics were called in to assist. They did their best to revive him but to no avail and called his death at 8.38pm,” read part of the statement.

Taking to Twitter AKA said he regretted not making more time for the rapper, while he was alive. “I had all the opportunities to reach out and make music with him. I kept delaying, kept getting caught up in what stupid s**t I was doing. Now he’s gone forever. S**t is crazy,” he tweeted.

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AKA added that the contribution ProKid made to the hip-hop industry was not appreciated enough.

“I once asked PRO if I could be as successful as him doing rap in English one night at Roxy’s in Melville … he laughed and said I could be as big as I wanted to be. That was Linda, warm, down to earth …. motivational.”

“There would be no charts to top, no deals to sign, no tours no nothing without Linda Mkhize and what he did for this industry & amp; amp; that’s the shit we got caught up in, too busy with our own nonsense to reach out to our own big brother and talk to him, sit with him. Appreciate him

Ever since news of ProKid’s death was confirmed, social media has been filled with an outpouring of tributes from fans and celebs.