Last updated on Sep 13th, 2018 at 02:00 pm

Make sure you’re wearing these colours this season! We showcase the most stylish shades, hues and tones for spring 2018…

Every season is characterised by a palette of hues that are fashionable. In fact, wearing a stylish shade is one of the easiest ways to be on trend. Check out the must-have colours that will dominate the shelves in spring this year.

Pump up the pastels

Soft, pastel shades are a spring staple. However, this season sees lavender, mint and peach dominate. In addition, soft off-white hues also get the thumbs up. You can wear pastel hues together for a sweet look or pair them with neutrals for a fresh look or brights for bold, contrasting look.

Revel in red

Red is in once again. This time round, the emphasis is on brighter shades of this primary colour such as scarlet and fire-engine red. Orange-red tones such as coral, also get the nod. You can rock red on just about any garment or accessory, making it easy to wear and style. Another bonus is that red looks striking with several other hues including black, white, grey, blue and yellow.

Go for bold green

Spring conjures up images of freshness and renewal. What better way to convey this than opting for a bright green hue? This spring, don’t be afraid to go for a bolder, eye-catching shade such as grass green or apple green or lime green. You can also wear green with other trendy colours to make a statement in an eye-catching print.

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Blooming beautiful colours

Flowers are in full bloom in spring so it should come as no surprise that bright shades that look good on floral prints are right on trend. Think yellow, deep purple and bright pink. These colours are the perfect way to make a statement, so let them take centre stage in your outfit.