Spring has arrived, so it’s time to wake up your garden for a summer of fun. Here are a few garden tasks that are critical to have nailed earlier rather than later if you want a productive, beautiful summer garden…

Tidy up

August winds typically put the last drift of dead leaves on a garden that has become ugly and straggly over winter. It’s time to grab your shears and rake and get cleaning! Now is also the time to add some nutrient-rich compost to the beds to get them ready for spring and summer colour.

Cut back

You want to reshape any bushes or trees that need to be tamed before they start their major growth spurts, so now is about the last opportunity you will have. Remember that some plants, like bougainvillea, only flower on last year’s growth, and plan accordingly. You can also move bushes while they are dormant if they have to be moved.

Brush off

Now is the time to get your tools back out of the garage, and check that everything is sharp and working. It’s also the time to start any seedlings you hope will be in full growth by summer. It’s probably best they remain indoors, however, as there may be a cold night or two ahead still.

A beautiful garden is made in the spring, so it’s time to start spending a morning or two laying the foundation for the summer to come.

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