Slow down when eating for a slimmer body

Some people tend to consume their meals and snacks in a very fast manner. Doing so can easily lead one to overeat and this can further lead to weight gain over time, if done so on a regular basis.

According to, ‘slower paced eating is associated with increased fullness and decreased hunger, and can serve as a useful tool for controlling overeating’. Chewing food thoroughly will not only make the body’s digestion process easier but it can also help you to eat less as your body will be able to register when it is full. So consider making an effort and take the time to savour every bite of your food.

Why do you eat in a hurried manner?

You may also find it useful (in managing your weight), if you are able, to determine why you tend to eat so quickly. Perhaps you are always in a hurry or maybe head to eat only when you feel super hungry?

The control is yours!

Take charge of what you can control. For example preparing food ahead of time and eating at the same time daily can easily be achievable for most people – thus making weight management a simple process with fabulous results!

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Source: Healthline

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