Did you know that a Body Parts Maker is one of the top predicted jobs of 2030?

Sounds crazy right but when you think about robotics and how science and technology are improving each day, it won’t be long before amputees walking around with robotic limbs will be the norm. Scientists are also predicting that by the year 2080 we could be living up to 150-200yrs of age!

So are you ready for the jobs of the future? Do you know what skills you will need?

These are some of the other top jobs of 2013:

1. Trash Engineer
2. Alternative Energy Consultant
3. Earthquake Forecaster
4. Memory Surgeon
5. Personal Productivity Person

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Paula Quinsee, relationship expert and author of Embracing Conflict helps us understand how we need to take charge of our own personal development to remain relevant in the future.

One area women tend to leave for last is their own personal goals and dreams

The majority of the time, this is because women tend to put everyone else’s needs first (e.g. husband/partner, children, family, etc.) and put themselves last.

Taking charge of your own personal development is key to your progress in life. Many times people will wait for their employer to send them on training courses or programmes so that they can progress from a career perspective but what about in your personal life?

Often we think about development in the context of some kind of formal studies or qualification but self-development is much more than academic. It is about truly knowing yourself, what you stand for, what your values are, what your faith or belief systems are and how you are living these each day through your thoughts, actions and behaviour, both personally and in the workplace.

Unfortunately personal development is not a subject taught at school or university

It begins in our early formative years and only really comes into play in our adulthood, particularly when we step into the working world. It’s what we commonly know as EQ or emotional intelligence.

Why is this important? Well our EQ helps us manage our own emotional state as well as that of others (i.e our SQ or social intelligence). So in essence, EQ is all the internal, individual work we do on developing our own self-awareness and then how we use that information outwards determines our SQ. How we relate with others, what we are experiencing internally and how we are allowing the other person or situation to impact us, in other words how we are reacting in that moment.

When it comes to the corporate world, often we hire for skill yet later fire for behaviour

This is because we tend to measure skills on qualifications, years of experience, achievements and blue chip organisations worked at. Just because one person thrived in a role does not mean they will thrive in a new role as the environment and team dynamics will contribute to the way someone behaves. It’s far easier to teach someone skills than it is to try and teach them the behaviour you need.

Personal development is key and should be an ongoing focus as every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. It helps us self-regulate our own emotional state and reactivity. It helps us understand our own emotions and emotional triggers. This helps us manage various situations such as conflict, working with and leading others.

There are various ways you can advance your own self-development such as reading, working with a professional such as a coach, having mentors or role-models you can tap into, formal studies and a range of personal development assessments (e.g. psychometric assessments, etc).

Don’t leave your development in someone else’s hands, take charge of your own destiny.