While some songs come and go, others stay with us forever

Who doesn’t love music or have a favourite song? Not anyone I know. In our home, we are always listening to music, be it on the radio or channel 323 (VH1) on DStv and I often find myself saying ‘ah, I love this song!’ – especially music from back in the day. Sure, there is plenty recent music that I enjoy very much but there’s just something so cool about songs that remind you of your youth and kind of ‘take you back’ don’t you think? That feeling of getting goosies when you hear a good song… the best!

I’m often surprised (and quite chuffed) when I’m at a party or an event where they’re playing some of the classics, at how many song lyrics I remember.

Here are a few songs from the ’80s and ’90s which you’re guaranteed to remember and sing along to – enjoy!

Kylie Minogue – Locomotion

Madonna – True Blue

Aha – Take on me

Mel & Kim – Respectable

Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69