What to do if you have a LOT of weight to lose’ is a series of articles dedicated to the seemingly daunting task of losing lots of weight – think 30kg or more. If you are in this boat then this is the strategy for you. Follow the steps week by week and you’ll soon be on the path to a THINNER and (more importantly) HEALTHIER you.

Find the tipping point

When you decide you want to lose weight the obvious thing to do is to eat less food. We all know this (I hope). The giant question, though, is HOW MUCH LESS?

You see, when you have a lot of weight to lose you can afford to eat a lot less than you think, because you have a lot of stored energy (fat) on your body. This energy needs to get used up if you want to lose it.

So how does it get used?

Well, primarily as energy to support your daily activities and exercise routine. The fat is used as energy in the absence of easily-available energy (which usually comes from food).

So what you need to do is eat little enough that your fat reserves are being used for energy as much as possible.

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But how do you find this point?

Well, the best way is through the use of your scale. You see, if you’re losing weight while dieting AND EXERCISING then your weight loss is coming from the loss of fat (and some water). So if you’re eating 2000 calories per day and losing weight, then 2000 calories is a good place to stay. If you’re NOT losing, then you may need to start eating slightly less.

The issue here is that you have to find your tipping point into weight loss territory so that you can get it started, and then work from there.

Pro tip:

Try to eat as LITTLE as possible at the start of your diet while still losing weight and feeling energetic enough to live life, and then INCREASE the calories slightly as the weight comes off. You’ll have less and less fat in storage, so you want to ensure your body still has enough energy to function optimally.

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