The true Mediterranean diet is a wonderfully successful eating plan and lifestyle choice…

It includes vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, grains and starches, some meat and eggs, and a little dairy. But there’s a potential downfall here.

The potential negative of the Mediterranean diet is that we have a very limited knowledge of what REAL Mediterranean people actually eat, and their portion-sizing – and these just happen to be the keys to this diet.

If your knowledge of Mediterranean food is based on what is served at take-away joints or restaurants, for example, then you’re not well-equipped to cook for yourself on this diet.

While I fully support a well-balanced Mediterranean diet, I would suggest that you do some research into good, healthy, portion-conscious recipes that can be your go-to meals for busy days. Mediterranean food is all about fresh ingredients, full flavours, and good herbs and spices – all the things that make food really enjoyable.

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However, there are certain foods that we would consider ‘Mediterranean’ that we should watch out for.

Here are some foods to avoid if you’re trying to follow the Mediterranean lifestyle for weight loss:

1.     Cheesy, creamy risotto

Yes, risotto with lots of cheese and cream tastes AMAZING. But if you want to eat it as a normal meal, your portion size would have to be very small due to all of the calories from fats and carbs.

BUT if you truly love risotto, make a side-dish portion for yourself. Cut the cheese content in half, and fill the rest of your plate with baked or steamed vegetables to ensure that you get all your essential vitamins and minerals.

Spinach and Feta Brown Rice Risotto recipe

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