Last updated on Mar 12th, 2021 at 01:46 pm

Lasizwe Dambuza is not flattered by suggestions that he has a blesser and he has taken to social media to clear his name once and for all

The popular internet comedian has been one of the rising stars of the local entertainment scene during the last two years. He is now a celebrity in his own right, but his new-found fame has not come without a price.

His lavish living has been put under the spotlight, and lines got blurry when it emerged that his boyfriend had bought him a brand new apartment in Sandton. This led to speculation that Lasizwe could be dating a blesser; speculation that was further fuelled by Jackie Phamotse, the author of Bare: The Blesser’s Game.

Jackie got the country talking about the Bryanston Hockey Club back in June; a now infamous location where rich men allegedly use their money to lure young men and women into transactional relationships.

At the time, she insinuated that Lasizwe was one of a number of young men who fell victim to the temptations of this life

It all began when Phil Mphela questioned the usage of his image in an article (note, Phil did not suggest that Lasizwe was part of the “Hockey Club” syndicate).

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Phil wrote:

This is where things got juicy.

Jackie responded by writing: “He is one of the boys we are currently investigating for his role in the HOCKEY CLUB. He allegedly has been getting huge amounts of money from a guy called Peter… a millionaire from Free State.”

Jackie and Phil continued the exchange by saying:

Before Lasizwe responded for the first time:

However, this wasn’t enough to sweep the rumours away and Lasizwe has done his best to end the speculation once and for all

The internet sensation took to YouTube to upload a video in which he explained how he and his boyfriend met, the logistics of their romance and their complex financial dynamics.

He also has a word for Jackie and her “investigation”.

You can watch Lasizwe’s full response below: