Last updated on Aug 1st, 2018 at 10:04 pm

To eat out with your partner or without?

It seems that it can make a difference to your weight when you dine out regularly with your partner, or not!

According to, “studies have shown that a person is more inclined to order unhealthy options if their dining partner does.”

Have you ever experienced this? Say you and your partner go out to dinner and he orders deep-fried, high-calorie food covered in a creamy, rich sauce, perhaps with onion rings and chips on the side. Will you be inclined to order the same or maybe a similar meal as he did, or will you be strong enough to order yourself a chickpea or grilled chicken salad minus the dressing?

The converse

Ordering for yourself what your partner wants for him- or herself can also have a positive effect on your weight if, of course, he makes healthy food and beverages choices and watches his portion size. For example, if your husband orders a lean cut of meat and a healthy starch with a side salad for a main course, and offers to share his dessert with you, you are very likely to follow his example and make healthy food choices yourself. Cutting down on portion size is a great way to cut down on calories, so sharing a dessert with your partner can be ideal for weight loss.

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So if you find that you are not yet strong enough to make healthy food choices, or may give in to high-calorie food temptations too easily, be sure to give some thought as to whom you dine with!

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