Hard water is water that’s blessed with a surfeit of extra calcium and magnesium

This quality of water can be responsible for the soap scum mark around the bath, as well as grungy laundry results and even personal care products.

Here are our tips for minimising the effect hard water has on your life, simply and without too much added stress:

Why does hard water cause soap scum?

Traditional soaps are ‘saponified’ oils, and these oils don’t always play fair with harder water. The minerals interact together to cause that hard soap scum we loathe so much. Rather opt for modern ‘synthetic’ soaps – most liquid soaps and shower gels fall into this category – and save yourself a lot of bother. This goes for cleaners, too.

Hard water and your personal care

Hard water can be the reason that milder personal care products – from facial cleanser to alternative or gentle shampoo methods – leave a grungy ‘build-up’ instead of the squeaky clean feeling you crave. Sadly, the easiest way around this is to use a water softener in the shower or on a specific tap in the bathroom. It’s easy to do, but can be costly – and remember, a water filter is not a water softener.

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Alternatively, you may want to try a final rinse with distilled water to ensure the extra minerals don’t remain on your hair, or simply opt to run a clarifying shampoo through your hair a few times a month to tackle the build-up head on.

Hard water can be annoying, but it doesn’t do any serious damage to your skin, hair or home, so don’t let it get you down!