Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:23 am

When Black Coffee dishes out words of wisdom all you must do is receive the message and shout ‘Amen!’

Sadly, one tweep did not get the memo and decided to question the DJ, while throwing a little shade.

Black Coffee took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a message he would have given his 27-year-old self.

“Me : To my 27 year old College drop out….with a kid no money for rent. Work…..Pray and have Faith (sic),” he wrote.

Enter Twitter user Billy Boho, who could not help sharing his own advice while slamming Black Coffee’s.

“Not all of us are Black Coffee. Finish your degrees guys. There is time to pursue your dreams after graduation,” he wrote.

Black Coffee did not waste time clapping back.

“No it doesn’t say that. In fact it’s not saying anything to anyone but sharing my personal story. It’s also for those who get it Sir (sic),” the 42-year-old replied.


Black Coffee, who studied music, has previously spoken out about dropping out of college because he couldn’t afford to finish

But he didn’t let the setback stop him from pursuing his dreams.

It’s all about attitude and determination, which Black Coffee’s success has proven.

“…one of the things that I saw that was very unfortunate is, even [the] guys that did finish and were more brilliant than me, they don’t have jobs today, they have the degrees but there’s no work…” ZAlebs quoted him as telling Midem in an interview last month.

Black Coffee added that he plans on starting an arts school in Johannesburg to help others achieve their dreams

“My idea is to create a school where if you wanna be a singer and you get enrolled in this school, that’s what we’re gonna teach you…when you sign into the school, you’re signing to start your own label, when you finish your first year, you’ve dropped your first single, second year you drop an EP, third year you drop an album.”