Our virtues are worthless if kept to ourselves

Many of us take great pride in being virtuous, but our virtues are worthless if kept to ourselves. We must share our morality with one another as much as possible. Extending our excellence as human beings inspires others to follow suit, causing a ripple effect of consciousness. And very soon, we begin to notice that the people around us also modify their thoughts, intentions, actions, all because we have set an example for them.

We’re quick to share our words, opinions and critiques with the world, but if only we shared our virtues instead, perhaps we would resolve our problems much more easily.

Consider these five virtues and reflect on their role in your life:

1. Presence

Our presence alone can be a virtue. When we offer our presence to someone in need, we offer our time to spend, our ears to listen, and our advice to guide. And sometimes that’s all a person needs to see them through a difficult time. The next time a loved one reaches out to you with a problem, simply give them some of your time, a small piece of you, and know that this can make a world of a difference.

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2. Patience

It’s okay to wait. It’s okay to let someone else go in front of you, it’s okay to wait for someone who’s late, and it’s okay to make mistakes until you get it right. Remember also to have patience with yourself.

3. Devotion

A step above loyalty, devotion is the art of undying dedication. Show your loved ones that you are devoted to them: your spouse, your children, your friends, and so on. A large part of devotion is continuing to display loyalty even when someone has let you down. Don’t give up on others too easily – your devotion to them will be rewarded in time.

4. Observation

The best way to detach from conflict is by choosing not to become involved in it in the first place. At times it is best to observe and not engage. We must see the world around us through peaceful and non-judgmental eyes, choosing instead to learn from observing battles rather than participating in them.

5. Healing

We have an extraordinary capacity to heal one another, though we rarely use it. Our ability to heal is delivered to others through a simple and underrated method. It’s called love. If love is unconditional, it can help us overcome our greatest challenges. Though you may not always receive it in return, practice unconditional love to help elevate and spiritually nourish the people in your life.

Virtues are our moral duty to one another and to ourselves, and as with any other precious element of life, virtues must be lived and shared to be felt. Extend your highest virtues, the greatest parts of yourself, and gift them to the world to feel them grow in your heart.

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