As a television lover, there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching one of your favourite characters get killed off

At least if they are written off with room for a possible return one day (e.g., when someone “moves to America to further their studies”) then you can be faintly optimistic that you will see your fave again.

But when they die that’s kind of the end.

Or is it?

What if we could bring back our favourite characters (let’s face it, we’ve seen it happen before) with a small change to the scripts?

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We can only dream, but here is who we would bring back if we could…

Isibaya – Zama

How can you kill one of our faves… at a wedding of all things?! That’s exactly what transpired when Isibaya’s Zama (played by Linda Mtoba) was killed off in dramatic fashion.

We would love for it all to have been a nightmare and see Zama back on our screens.

Generations – Mandla

It feels like a lifetime ago but there was once a time when Generations was just Generations (and not …The Legacy). Back then, Karabo was married to Mandla until he was found dead in a dramatic episode. We are still recovering, more than a decade later.

But… what if he faked his death to avoid financial drama and made a dramatic comeback in 2018?