The times may be tough, but that doesn’t mean that the garden has to suffer. Here are a few money-saving gardening tips…

If you’re looking for ways to save money and your beloved garden, look no further than the bin.

Yes, so much of what we throw away could be used to nourish a garden and deter pests all while saving you money and reducing household waste.

1. Teatime

Break up used rooibos tea bags and sprinkle them around garden beds.

It’s a great natural fertiliser, fine mulch and the rough texture is said to help deter slugs and snails.

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2. Caffeine kick

Another pest deterrent is caffeine. Instead of tossing old coffee grinds in the bin, scatter them in the garden.

3. Walking on eggshells

Eggs can pack a nutritious breakfast punch for you and your garden.

Save eggshells, let them dry out before crushing and sprinkling around plants. The shells release calcium into the soil, which helps nourish plants.

There is also a pest deterrent benefit as the sharp edges of eggshells deter snails and slugs. I once heard it works for greedy grubs too as they don’t tolerate calcium. I’ve tried it in a few grub-infested pot plants that looked near defeat and the plants did appear to revive after a few days.

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