So you’ve liked, loved, followed, clicked, shared, laughed and now… everything’s disappeared?! Where have your favourite accounts gone?!

If you are missing posts from your favourite social media accounts, there are a few tricks to make sure that the info you love pops up first on your timeline.

Never miss out on All4Women’s breaking news, juiciest gossip, fab fashion tips, divine family recipes, and stunning home décor again… Whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram, we have all you need to keep boredom at bay, and make sure you’re the first to be informed about global news, Kardashian ‘Katastrophes’ and the most divine cake recipes you’ve ever seen (and SO much more…)

So how do you prioritise All4Women posts on Facebook?

All4Women is the biggest women’s website in SA. We share loads of useful info on Facebook and Instagram, so how do you make sure you don’t miss out?

Log onto Facebook, then open the All4Women Facebook page (click HERE for the link)

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Below the cover pic, click the drop-down list on the “Following” menu… make sure you are following us, and that you select “See first”… easy as pie!

Now sit back and enjoy!


How do you prioritise All4Women posts on Instagram?

Log on to Instagram, and open the All4WomenSA page. In the top right hand corner, select the three little dots (drop down menu)

Select “turn on post notifications”.

You can also select the little star in the top right hand corner next to the All4Women profile name. Select “Add to close friends list”.

Well done! Now you will be able to get the latest All4Women posts on your Instagram feed!


How do you prioritise All4Women posts on Twitter?

Log in to Twitter, open the All4Women Twitter profile, and click the three little dots next to the Following button. Select “Turn on Mobile Notifications”.

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