Some veggies – like butternut, corn and sweet potato – are high in carbs, and so they aren’t ideal for cutting calories when you’re trying to stick to your weight-loss plan…

While eating vegetables is ALWAYS  a good thing, there are some veggies that are better for you than others. NEVER cut out veggies from your diet – they provide essential vitamins and minerals for your body to work optimally and for it to release energy from your fat cells.

We’ve identified four of the most healthy vegetable options that you can eat to your heart’s content below… PLUS we’ve included some of our favourite healthy recipes:

Baby marrows (aka zucchini)

These little guys come in at a paltry 3,5 grams of carbs per cup! That’s only 15 calories!

And you can do so much with them. From their regular uses in stir fries, stews, or as a dipping snack to spiralising them and using them as a pasta substitute, baby marrows are a wonderful food to have in your kitchen.

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