Will the passion in a relationship always fade? Can you get it back?

Researchers say that, within two to four years, the chemical connection (and that loving, zesty feeling) between couples begins to wear off.

How do you keep the passion alive when have a career on which to focus, a house to run, and children to raise? And, quite frankly, your hormones have entered ‘nesting’ mode, where a good night’s sleep is sexier than well, sex…

YourTango (a source for smart talk about love, sex, dating and relationships) experts believe that, even though the chemical reaction between us wears off over time, the romance doesn’t have to.

Give what you hope to receive, put in a little bit of work and don’t forget to shave your legs!

In their five-minute YouTube video, the experts talk of ‘working’ at your relationship to keep the passion alive. And their message is simple; give what you hope to receive, put in a little effort and don’t forget to shave your legs.

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They also share other practical tips like:

  • A change in environment is one way to stir up the chemistry in any relationship
  • Remember, you have many sensual sides that you can bring to the table. Use them!
  • You’d be surprised how much laughing together can connect you
  • Sass it up! But, understand that it’s normal for your relationship to move into its ‘next phase’
  • Is date night your go to? You’re going to have to be more resourceful to keep it fresh. Think ‘romancecapades’

Watch the full video below…