How to balance your diet’ is an article series all about achieving balance in your diet, and what that looks (and tastes) like. It’s a common phrase, but what does it mean, and how do you do it? Find out here. 

Don’t eat more just because you’re exercising

A pretty consistent theme in the dieting world is that people find it hard to lose weight. They are on a solid diet plan and they lose some weight, then they start to exercise – gently at first, and then more and more vigorously – and their weight loss slows down.

What has happened here? Is their diet not working anymore?

Well, when you investigate you usually find that the exercise has pushed their diet out of balance, but not in the way you may think. You see, these people who lose weight on diet add the exercise to lose more weight, but then they ADD food to their diet to ‘make up’ for the exercise.

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This doesn’t make ANY sense

If you are dieting to LOSE WEIGHT then exercise should be used to deplete calories further. You don’t need to ADD food to the plan, as this adds calories!

People also generally grossly overestimate how many calories their exercise is actually using up, so they eat far too much to make up for their gym session.

If you want to lose weight, then don’t eat to support your exercise. Your fat stores will do that just fine, and that’s exactly what you want. One day when you’re lean, and training for some other goal then you can get into pre and post workout nutrition. Right now, just focus on the regular diet plan and exercise to make it work even better.

This is how balance can be achieved while living a predominantly healthy and active lifestyle. You don’t have to be BORING to be on diet!

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