Ever since they came on to the market, we’ve all been wondering if e-cigarettes could do as much harm as cigarettes.

As it turns out, research has found that smoking e-cigarettes containing nicotine effects heart health much like regular cigarettes do.

In fact, smokers of e-cigarettes experienced the same, if not higher level of cardiovascular elevation for prolonged periods after smoking the e-cigarette.

Monitoring smokers’ vital signs

Researchers found this out by monitoring participant’s vitals during and after they had smoked a cigarette, e-cigarette, or nicotine-free e-cigarette.

They found that using e-cigarettes and cigarettes, in comparison to nicotine-free e-cigarettes, had the same significant impact on vitals, with participant’s blood pressure and heart rate being affected.

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E-cigarettes push up blood pressure

Peripheral systolic blood pressure was raised significantly for 45 minutes after using an e-cigarette and 15 minutes after smoking a cigarette. Heart rate also remained elevated for 45 minutes for e-cigarettes, with the increase being higher than 8% for the first 30 minutes.

In comparison, traditional cigarettes only raised heart rate for 30 minutes and there was again no change when using nicotine-free e-cigarettes.

Source: SAGE via www.sciencedaily.com

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