While winter may be time for funky jackets, delicious cocoa and snuggling under the blanket, it’s also static season! If you’re sick of looking like a runaway science experiment just because it’s cold outside, keep reading…

Why does static happen anyway?

The root cause of static in the hair is a lack of moisture in the air – something winter is notorious for. This causes substances (in this case hair and the environment) to trade electrons, leading to a buildup of static electricity that ‘pushes’ each hair away from the other… net result? Those frizzy little flyaways.

Combat frizz on the outside and inside

Now we know what the frizz is about, what can we do to banish if for good? Start by trying to add some moisture to the atmosphere. A good humidifier will do wonders for your hair, skin and delicate nasal membranes too. Spritz a little water (or a hydrating hair mist) on your brush and comb too, or go directly to the hair and spray it down before you brush.

Consider opting for a non-static plastic, metal, wood or horn comb too.

Lastly, consider warming a few drops of hair-friendly oil in your hands and smoothing over your hair before you blow dry – this helps seal the moisture into the hair shaft and keep things frizz-free from the inside out.

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Winter frizz not only is irritating, but it can lead to reduced growth and more hair damage, so getting it under control is a must.