If you’ve ever wondered what you get for the hard work you put into losing weight, then today’s article is just for you…

And the good news is, 5% of your bodyweight isn’t an unachievable amount – it’s only 4kg for an 80kg person. We all know that we look and feel better in our clothing (and out of it) when we’re at our goal weight, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are some of the many other rewards you’ll be treating yourself to once you’ve succeeded on your diet journey:

1.     Sleep better, get more rest and be in a better mood

Studies have shown that people who are of a more ‘normal’ bodyweight for their height tend to sleep better than overweight people.

Losing 5% or more of your current (overweight) body mass should equate to a better quality of sleep, meaning that you tackle each day having had better rest the night before. You’ll also experience an upswing in your general mood, according to other studies. Sounds good to me!

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