A parent is a child’s first teacher. It’s up to us to be their best, too…

Being a parent is important. In fact, ‘important’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

It’s up to us to calm a crying newborn, crack the ‘get the baby to sleep through the night’ code and navigate the troublesome toddler and teen years. It’s also up to us to raise the next generation of world changers.

Somewhere in between those sleepy newborn days, terrible twos, fascinating fives and testing teen years, there are many life lessons that we need to teach our kids – lessons that will hopefully help them cope with the challenges of the real world with grace and confidence.

That’s a monumental task (and, privilege actually) and one we can’t afford to get wrong.

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In everything we do with (and for) our kids – from the most mundane tasks like meal making and butt wiping to navigating school, friendships and relationships – we’re teaching them about life, what it means to be good and how to make it in what can often be a difficult world.

Like they say, a parent is a child’s first teacher. It’s up to us to be their best, too.

YourTango’s panel of experts share five lessons they want you to teach your children in one of their YouTube videos, like:

  1. People come into your life (and leave your life) for a reason
  2. You always have what you need in life, and when you think that you don’t – you’re looking in the wrong direction
  3. It’s OK to ‘want’. It means that you’re alive and well
  4. Love who you are!
  5. Don’t take everything so personally

Watch the video below for more insight…