The days are shorter, you spend more time indoors and the sun is less harsh, so surely you can ease up on the sunscreen during the winter months, right? Wrong!

While you may have slowed down that SPF usage – or stowed it away in the back of your cosmetic cupboard – the truth is that we need to be fighting those harmful UV rays all year round, because those wrinkle-causing, skin-sagging, sun-damaging UVA rays are still present during winter.

Easing up on your sunscreen in winter might sound logical, but those wrinkle-causing rays could still find you…

Here’s why you still need to wear sunscreen in winter:

Those harmful rays will find you!

Remember, it’s not just direct exposure that allows the sun’s harmful rays to make their way to your skin. In fact, you’re exposed to the sun more often than you think… on your daily commute through the car window, in your office through the windows, on that quick little walk to the shop across the road; it all adds up.

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This is called incidental sun exposure, and the harmful effects are still there in winter, and since these rays contribute to the presence of fine lines and saggy skin, we think that’s enough reason to lather on that SPF!

It’s not just the sun you need to worry about

Studies have revealed that it’s not only direct light from the sun that affects us, but also the lower amounts of infrared and ambient light given off by our computers and office lighting can stimulate our cells in the same way as UV rays, meaning that hyperpigmentation can also occur in the comfort of your office… and during winter! Your SPF will help block out those ‘rays’ too, so you simply can’t forget it!

Snow big deal…

If you’re lucky enough to see some snow this season, you’ll want to keep that SPF handy as the beautiful white power reflects those sunrays all around – and right on to you. In fact, the snow reflects about 80% of the UVA rays back up, which means your exposure to them is almost doubled.

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It’s in the wind

Ever heard of wind burn? Well, it’s a real thing, and since the colder months bring about the windy season for many places around the country, you’ll need to reconsider leaving that SPF all the way at the back of your cupboard – particularly on those windy days.

The wind also tends to disguise how warm it actually is, so while you think it’s rather chilly, that wind could be blowing those strong, harmful UV rays straight towards your skin, and no one can pull off that burn.

The benefits are endless, really

Most sunscreens on the market these days actually have a range of additional benefits for your skin, so using them year-round will do you good. The mere fact that winter dries out your skin means that the benefits of some extra moisture from your SPF will do a world of good. Look for a tinted, moisturising or anti-ageing sunscreen and let your beauty buys do double duty.

Convinced yet? We thought so!

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