How to balance your diet’ is an article series all about achieving balance in your diet, and what that looks (and tastes) like. It’s a common phrase, but what does it mean, and how do you do it? Find out here.

‘Eat pudding’

One of the great joys in life is eating “treat” foods!

Sweet foods, dessert after an evening meal, foods eaten in secret. These are all a food-lover’s giant weakness. So if you have a sweet tooth, how do you succeed on a weight loss diet? What happens to all the happiness you were getting from eating these things? Won’t you miss that feeling?

Is there a way to balance out a diet so that weight can be lost AND treats can be enjoyed simultaneously? The good, nay the GREAT, news is that there is IF YOU ARE DISCIPLINED.

You see, any KIND of food can be programmed into a weight loss plan

If you are a fan of chocolate then there is a way to make sure that you get to eat SOME chocolate, and still lose weight.

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There are a couple of spin-offs though:

  • First, all of your meals are going to get about 10% smaller for the day that you choose to eat a piece of chocolate
  • Second, you’re going to HAVE TO exercise
  • And third (and most difficult), you’re going to have to stick to the amount of chocolate that is prescribed by the person who puts your diet plan together

If you can do those three things then there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite treat on a fairly regular basis – think once or twice a week.

Remember, you have to embrace balance in your life to do this. Allow yourself to enjoy a LITTLE of the things you love so that you can achieve a body and lifestyle that you will also love.

Cutting down on these things might be tough at first, but you will find that they will become more of a treat by using this balanced approach to diet, and therefore will become even MORE enjoyable when you do get to eat them.

This is how balance can be achieved while living a predominantly healthy and active lifestyle. You don’t have to be BORING to be on diet!